Courses of lamination and long-term brow styling in Make-Up School Religion: why we are trusted

Discover the world of beauty and style together with Make-Up Religion School! If beauty industry beckons you the same way as us, then courses of brow lamination will become your stairway to mastering demanded profession in which extraordinary approach and novelty worth their weight in gold. No more stuffed offices, intrigues of colleagues and management: only pure art and freedom to give life to the boldest ideas!

The best graduates might join our team.

If it turns out that your successes at studying are outstanding, we will be happy to see you among our colleagues. The team of Make-Up Religion is ready to embrace new specialists and achieve new heights in professional development together.

The gist from our team in the end of the training.

Our teachers are recognized authors of unique methods who developed training manual on brow lamination. After studies you will have a notebook with theoretical material and recommendations so you can use it in your own practice.

Mini-groups of 4-6 people enable each student to obtain individual approach.

The method of teaching in Make-Up Religion bets on the quality of the knowledge assimilated, hence we divide our mentees in small groups. Thus, the teacher can pay more attention to each student and select the way of providing information that will be efficient especially for him.

We make you practice. Balance of theoretical and practical part allows to master all the nuances of the skill.

The program of education for brow lamination mastery is built in a way to allow you not only to get acquainted with all the particularities of the service during the classes, but also work it out on several face types and learn about possible mistakes and complications.

It’s even easier to reach the training’s place thanks to convenient location in the center of Moscow.

Doesn’t matter from where you come to our classes: from work, from studies or from home. The school Make-Up Religion is situated in the very heart of the city which you can reach easily from any spot in Moscow.

Professionally-equipped study space allows to reach successes comfortably.

All the studying audiences in Make-Up Religion are equipped in a way so nothing interrupts you from obtaining knowledge and master skills conveniently. And during the lunch break you can have a snack in restaurants and cafes located nearby.

Online support after training.

We all know how important support and opinion of competent colleague, make-up artist, are on the first stage of the professional path. We don’t leave our student alone with the questions arising after training, we help them receive the answers, form beauty-case and obtain evaluation of works after makeup course. Lots of students became our friends and colleagues. Moreover, we hold free presentations and master classes from the leading cosmetics’ producers for our students and graduates.

Professional cosmetics, the best tools for skills mastering and models: all this is waiting for you at our training!

Are you scared that you are going to spend a fortune on expensive cosmetics and appliances? The school Make-Up Religion provides you with all the necessities in order to make the studying process pleasant and its result qualitative. Our mentees use only the best consumables, cosmetics and beauty-tools during the classes since for us the only thing matters – your comfort and success.


The balance of theoretical and practical parts allows to master all the nuances of the skill of long-term styling and brow lamination. Studying program is built in a way to allow you not only to get acquainted with all the particularities of the service, but also work it out on several face types and learn about possible mistakes and complications.

Theoretical Block:

1. Who the procedure “brow lamination” was designed for? Instruments, materials and cosmetics for work. Disinfection and sterilization of instruments.
2. Technology of the service performance, contraindications and brow care after the procedure.
3. Examination of compositions for lamination and long-term brow styling: stages of application, time to keep the composition, particularities of work with various brows. Brow dying.
4. Brow Botox.
5. Demonstration on models.

Practical Block:

1. Working out lamination/long-term styling brows on models. Correction of brow shape.
2. Working out lamination/long-term styling and brow dying on a model. Threading brow correction. Brow Botox.

Length:7 academic hours

Price: 7 000 rub.

* Upon presentation of the Make-Up Religion loyalty card, a 10% discount is valid. How to get?

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