Visage school Make-up Religion is inviting all comers to discover the world of beauty-industry and study make-up – make-up artist course “Pro Make-UP”. If you’ve been dreaming for long to become a professional master not depending on offices and directors this course will become your major starting point in this artistic specialization which demand is rising year by year! In order to make this start successful and you to become more competitive master high-quality education with certificate is required. Make-up school Make-up Religion provides all the conditions compliant with the highest standards for comfortable professional training.

For the period of training we provide cosmetics, consumables and models for mastering.

Huge variety of cosmetic brands are presented in our visage school: the foundation is in lux and professional segment along with pearls of mass-market. We are constantly keeping our nose on the wind and trying all the novelties of cosmetics together with our students. You will have a chance to try not only the brands represented in Russia, but also foreign products that are popular among top beauty-bloggers. One more crucial aspect of the course is that we free you from a task of searching for models. We take over this task!

We present author’s training manual developed by school’s teachers.

“Pro Make-UP” make-up courses include unique program comprising theoretical and practical parts developed by our highly-professional teachers. We are proud of educators from Make-Up Religion who don’t just provide outdated theory for years and years, but follow the popular trends and constantly improve and complement the program of make-up training. After the studies you will have unique author’s manual thanks to which you will be always able to repeat all the studied material from the basics of materials technology to nuances of coloristic.

Mini-groups of 4-6 people

The distinctive feature of our course is small groups of 4-6 people. We transfer all the accumulated experience and sense of style to our students on make-up training “Pro Make-UP”. We instill the individual approach to each client and teach students to select image according to their external characteristics – not just churning out similar make-ups. Make-up school Make-Up Religion is the place where new talents and successful professionals of beauty industry are born.

We present individual discount loyalty card for the production in our shop.

Make-Up Religion Store is an official dealer of famous brands such as Manly Pro, Beautydrugs, Senna, Cargo, Esti, Maq Pro and many others. It is important for students to procure qualitative but at the same time affordable brushes for training and further mastering. For those who study in visage school there is a loyalty system acting with a card of Make-Up Religion. It will help you to acquire all the necessities for pleasant price and, moreover to buy top cosmetics with discount in further formation of beauty-case.

Online support after training.

We all know how important support and opinion of competent colleague, make-up artist, are on the first stage of the professional path. We don’t leave our student alone with the questions arising after training, we help them receive the answers, form beauty-case and obtain evaluation of works after makeup course. Lots of students became our friends and colleagues. Moreover, we hold free presentations and master classes from the leading cosmetics’ producers for our students and graduates.

We make you practice. The course comprises 12 mastering sessions, 80% of practice.

During the make-up course we make a fundamental accent on mastering of theoretical background on practice. In order for student’s make-up to be “clean” the teachers control each movement and provide corrections which makes the further student’s own work easier. In the training make-up artist program there are 12 practical sessions when a student masters the make-up on models of various appearance and age types which will help you to feel genuine professional in the future!

Convenient location in the center of Moscow. Modern and comfortable study space.

Visage training in Make-Up Religion School is held in the center of Moscow, in elite apartment complex. Numerous cafes and shops are located nearby which makes studying even more pleasant and convenient. Make-up course training “Pro Make-Up” is held in the modern multimedia audience, equipped with individual places for students with set lightning and all the conveniences for productive work. You will always find responsiveness and help represented by friendly administrators, along with tea, coffee and cozy resting area.

Block on brows correction and coloring is included in the course.

Make-up course training “Pro Make-Up” includes 75 academic hours during which school’s students are studying and mastering all the existing techniques and types of make-up. We know how hard it is for megacity’s citizens to combine simultaneous training on 2 areas: make-up artist training and brow master training. Therefore, we included block on brows’ correction with tweezer and thread along with coloring with cream dye in the major course’s program. This additional skill will help to enhance the range of your services and earn more.


Make-up artists training in Make-Up Religion: what will you know from the course? The program of our make-up course constitutes comprehensive approach to mastering the skill of stylish make-up which includes theoretical and practical parts. On the lessons in Make-Up Religion you will find out: How to properly work with instruments for make-up, how to match image basing on model’s appearance, what is coloristic and how to combine colors in make-up properly, how to set accents, how to highlight advantages and fix disadvantages, what are the differences of make-up for photoshoot and many other topics. You will immerse in all the “live” and up-to-date topics enabling you to understand and master make-up artist profession in order to achieve success in beauty-industry later. There are two groups up to your choice – of weekends and of workdays. For the out-of-towners there is an express-course make-up artist training not any different from the classic course (with only reduced number of resting days between studying days).

Theoretical Block:

1. Make-up Artist’s Working Instruments, Working Space Organization, Cosmetics: Which and for What, Materials Science: the Composition of Cosmetics, Make-up Artist’s Case Formation, Basic Set of Brushes, Disinfection and Hygiene of Working Place and Instruments, Skin Types: pre-Make-up Preparation and Selection of Care Products.
2. Anatomy: Scull Structure, Facial Proportions, Light and Shadow. Linearity. Relief. Linear Rhythm. Correction of Facial and Eye Form Considering Anatomic Particularities.
3. Color Circle, Theory of Color. Neutralization Rule. Main Principles of Shade. Identifying Skin Tone and Color Type.
4. Dying.

Practical Block:

1. Brows correction. Instruments and Materials for Brow-Master. Disinfection and Sterilization of Instruments. Golden Ratio Rule. Theory of Brows Construction and Selection of Form. Correction of Various Face and Eyes Forms by Means of Brows Form. Techniques of Brows Correction: Tweezer, Automatic Tweezer. Threading. Coloristic and Tone Selection. Mastering (Dye REFECTOCIL).
2. Work with Face-Chart. Face toning and Preparation for Make-up. Basic Shades. Strobing.
3. Daily Make-up. Shadow Technique.
4. Pencil Technique. Building Form by Means of a Pencil. Make-up Transformation. Work with Overhanging Eyelid.
5. Light Smokey Eyes On Creamy Texture – The Most Demanded Commercial Make-Up.
6. Classic Mate (Velvet) Smokey Eyes on Gel/Creamy Texture.
7. Wings. Expressive Bright Lips. Make-up in “Hollywood” Style. Fake Eyelashes.
8. Wedding Image Stylistics. Wedding Make-up. Particularities of Products Use and Psychology of Communication.
9. Lifting Make-up.
10. Mastering The Most Difficult Topic On Your Choice.
11. Work with Pigments in Eye Make-up. Color/ Analogue Color Combination with Setting of Contrast Accents + Form Considering Modern Tendencies.
12. Exam.

Duration: 75 academic hours

Cost of education: 40 000 rub.

* Upon presentation of the Make-Up Religion loyalty card, a 10% discount is valid. How to get?