The present text constitutes a public offer of IP (Sole Proprietor) Larin Egor Borisovich (hereinafter referred to as Contractor) providing training services stated on the relevant Site page, to conclude the service agreement with any User based on the conditions below.

In accordance with article 483, paragraph 3 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation, the present offer is considered accepted once the following actions have been performed by the Customer:

To familiarize with the conditions of the present offer;

To fill in registration details in the registration form and to confirm validity of those by clicking “Buy” or “Take part”.

The agreement between the User and the Contractor shall be deemed to have been concluded once the User clicks the button “Register” or “Take part” respectively, and once all the actions mentioned above have been accurately performed.

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide services for organization and implementation of training offline or via online broadcasting in accordance with the information (including name, description, date, time and venue of implementation) stated on the Site

1.2. The Services are provided by the Contractor on a pro bono basis or on paid basis through Electronic tickets by means of the Site The price of training is stated on the relevant page on the Internet.

1.3. The Services are provided to the User who has paid for the training.

1.4. The Services of the Contractor deem to be performed in the moment of transfer of the access to Video Course.

1.5. All the obligations concerning carrying out of the training, acquisition and return of Electronic ticket arise between the User and the Contractor, apart from the cases expressly provided by the Offer.

2. Personal Data

2.1. The User grants his consent to the processing of personal data both without application of automation equipment and with it.

2.2. The goals of personal data processing are the fulfillment of the terms of the present agreement by the Contractor, as well as conduction of advertising campaigns and marketing researches. 

2.3. The transfer of the personal data to the third parties is conducted in accordance with current Russian law and agreements between the User and the Contractor. 

2.4. The User is able to revoke a consent by sending a written notice to the Contractor’s email stated on the Site after the expiration date of the agreement.

3. Return of Electronic Ticket

3.1. The return of the Electronic Ticket is conducted by the Contractor in case of non-delivery of access link and code (password) to the Video Course to the Buyer.

3.2. In the event of violation of article 6.2 if the training is held by means of online broadcasting, the Contractor is entitled to block the access without a refund. The limit of violation comprises login through unique link from more than 2 devices and ip-addresses as well as in presence of other factors of violation.

4. Rights and Liabilities of the Contractor

4.1. The Contractor is entitled to block the access to the Site to the User if he violates the terms of the Agreement, other agreements between Parties or other requirements of the Company by his actions or by omission of actions.

4.2. The Contractor is entitled to refuse to proceed with an Order to the User without any reason being given.

4.3. The Contractor is entitled to undertake verification of the data belonging to the User and other persons stated by the User according to own criteria and Contractors’ criteria. Apart from that, the Contractor is entitled to require from User the submission of identification documents and other data identifying the User in the cases provided for in the terms of relative Events or the law of Russian Federation. In case of failure to provide the documents or inconsistency of data, the Contractor is entitled to refuse the User in provision of the services.

4.4. The Contractor informs the User of the Order status and the fact of payment receipt for the Order. The fact that the User is informed is the fact of sending of an email containing confirming information to the email address stated by the User at registration on the Site.

4.5. The Contractor is not liable for inaccurately or incorrectly inserted data at registration resulting in failure of the user to receive mail or sms-message from the Contractor, in case these messages are not delivered due to provider’s blockage.

4.6. The Contractor is entitled to claim recovery for the damage caused under the law of Russian Federation or for the violation by User of the exclusive right to online broadcasting of the training and the terms of the Agreement.

5. Rights and Liabilities of the User.

5.1. The User undertakes to get accustomed with the current version of the Agreement at every visit to the Site before using the Site.

5.2. The User undertakes to provide valid and, if necessary, complete information at using the Site.

5.3. The User undertakes to autonomously check the data of the Order prior to processing. The User bears ultimate responsibility for credibility and legitimacy of data he used at proceeding with the Order.

5.4. The User undertakes to familiarize with the content, terms of registration and the modalities of training, as well as with additional requirements provided by the Contractor prior to ordering. In case some terms of the Event conduct, inter alia, modalities of the payment, are unclear to the User, he undertakes to clarify those terms and in case of inability to clarify them he undertakes to renounce proceeding with the Order and attending the training.

6. Responsibility of Parties

6. 1. The User can use any materials obtained by means of Site use at his own peril, he is liable for any damage that might be caused as a result of using these materials. Under no circumstances the Company is accountable to the User or third parties for any damage caused by Site use or other materials accessible from the Site.

6.2. The User accepts full responsibility for acceptance of the unique access to training via online broadcasting. The User accepts the terms stipulating that his access through the unique link to online broadcasting and recording within 14 days is intended for sole view and that any partial or full copying or reproduction, as well as transfer to the third parties and resale without the consent of the Contractor are prohibited and are a subject to violation of Russian law.

6.3. In terms of violation of copyright and right of use, the Contractor is entitled to require from the violator on his choice the payment of compensation instead of recovery of losses under paragraph 3 of article 1252 of the Code:

◦ At the rate from ten thousand rubles to five million rubles defined by a court of law;

◦ At double the rate of copes’ price or at double rate of the price of right to use the object of neighboring rights, defined on the basis of the price that under comparable circumstances is charged for the lawful use of such object.

The User is warned that criminal prosecution for violation is possible even in the case when the violator of copyrights has not received profit from such violation and even has not had an aim of income production from the violation, in other words, even if he distributed objects of copyrights that have value on non-profit basis.

The User is aware that educational event he visited is protected by copyrights.

6.4. The User undertakes the responsibility of planning the time of training attendance. The Contractor is not liable for non-attendance by the User of the training in carrying out his responsibilities.

7. Resolution of disputes and applicable law

7.1. The agreements and all the legal relationships arising from them are regulated under the law of Russian Federation. All the disputes are being resolved on the basis of law of Russian Federation.

7.2. The parties will attempt to resolve all the disputes, controversies or claims to arise due to performance, termination or nullification of the Agreement through negotiation. The Party with claims and/or controversies arisen sends the other Party the message stating all the claims and/or controversies.

7.3. The message stated above in article 7.2 of the Agreement is being sent by User via email to electronic address The message is to contain the substance of the claim, the evidence proving the claim and data on the User.

7.4. Within 15 (fifteen) days from the moment of receipt of the message, mentioned above in the article 7.2 of the Agreement, given that the message complies with provisions of article 7.3 of the Agreement, the Party who received the message is to send a response.

7.5. In case when the response for the message is not received by the Party having send the message within 17 (seventeen) days from the date of sending of the relevant message, or if the Parties do not reach agreement on the claims and/or controversies arisen, the dispute is subject to the Court. 

Contractor’s Details:


Legal organization’s address is registered at:

Rubtsovks, Altai region,

Lenin avenue 52-56

INN 0913458173

OGRNIP 317222500095250

A/C 40802810538000066691

Bank PAO Sberbank

BIC 044525225.